A downloadable game for Windows

Important Note: Please play in Fullscreen 1920x1080 otherwise the game will not show screens correctly

Paparazzi Panic

There's only one camera, and many paparazzi who want to use it. Fight for the camera and the chance to snap the one photo of award-winning actress Crimson Nohansson... before it's too late!


Unfortunately we were able to get scaling scores to work before we had to submit, so scores will either be 0/5 or 5/5.  


Phil Ogden - Design, Programming
Dan Alexander - Design, Programming
Joel Shafer - Design, programming
Omni Jacala - Design, Art
Will Bowerman - Design, Music, Sound


Paparazzi-Panic_Drizzle-Games_GMTK-2019.zip 34 MB


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Very short, but quite fun. Something that could be fixed are the black bars at the score overview cutting off some of the text (on the right).

Edit: I just saw your comment to set the resolution to 1920x1080, I guess that was probably the cause.

Yeah, we were all testing the game in 1920x1080 fullscreen and it wasn't until after we submitted and the time ran out that we tried the other resolutions and discovered the UI issues :facepalm:

Thanks for the kind words! We have some decent plans for how to expand the concept, maybe we can get it to a good length at some point :D